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Welcome to Premium D&B







Welcome everyone to our new Premium D&B blog. It has not been long time since Premium Design and Build has born within the construction industry and we could not find a better way to start this section than explaining who we are and what took us to this point in life.

construction industry

Our story begins like most of the good projects in life, Premium D&B is the result of resolving a human need. The biggest businesses in the world history started with someone trying to sort out a basic human problem. In this case, it was to modernise and clean up the construction image.

Why at Costa del Sol?

After several years of international experience, learning construction techniques and systems from all around the world we decided that was time to come back to our origin and settle. La Costa del Sol is the best possible scenario, with opportunities, prosperity and fructuous market. Marbella, Malaga, Mijas, and Riviera… they are all full of life an action, a perfect place to have fun, with lots of sun and fun. It is a location where life makes sense!

What is different at Premium D&B?

The biggest singularity you can find in our services is that we are not willing to make the same mistakes that our ancestors, Premium D&B represents the new construction generation. Young technicians with already more than 10 years of international experience compose our team.



The old construction era has reached the end. Old constructors companies, applying ridiculous fees to your bills, guarantying their quality services in every single scope just to win the bid, it is method that has to disappear.

The new trend in construction is the Project Manager method and there it is where Premium D&B comes into scene to fill the gap. You will not need a constructor any longer; you can be your own constructor with just our advice and help.

But do not take me wrong, this is not a favour we are doing just to the clients sector, it is a favour to the construction world in general. A college once told me “As a first impression, construction professionals we are thieves, and from this point onwards we need to prove that we are not”. So we are here to change the wheel and make a construction project a fabulous process in your life.


How does Premium services work?

Well, It is a simple, easy and straightforward.

If you are thinking of buying a house or You have already bought one either if is a house for yourself or you just want to be part of the property developer industry just call us.


a) Purchase of the property

We will assist you from the purchase phase. We analyse the area and give you an accurate idea of the market values. We will also provide you an inspection report of the actual situation of the house, giving you an idea of the renovation cost.


b) Renovation works

For this phase we have 2 working services:


  • Our project manager service is absolutely necessary for none permanently residents. Problems happen every day in a construction site and decision have to be made every minute. If you are far away it is too difficult to control everything and not get into delays and mistakes that cost you lots of money. This is why you really need someone who can trust and rely on. We will be your eyes and hands on site 24/7. Technicians, trades and subcontractors, finishes and suppliers, town hall and paperwork, licence… we will look after every single detail for you. Everything becomes easy and simple with Premium D&B.

 project manager service

  • For all year residents we can provide you the most efficient and relevant quote. Fix prices and scopes of works fitting your demands and new layout plans. We will adapt our works to your likes.


c) Final Service

This final service is just for clients looking to get into the property development industry. After we finish all the works and all your premises are according to the authorities, we will use our wide net of contacts to put immediately your house in the most popular real estate markets. The sooner the better to begins with the new project!


What PREMIUM D&B suggest to the new investors at Costa del Sol?

The main idea to create a blog at Premium D&B was give ideas and tricks about construction in Marbella and Malaga, so we will keep giving away our thoughts for you guys to use it on your favour. And it will not be just about construction, also about property development market, technics and town hall issues and anything related with this beautiful industry.

It is not a secret that the construction opportunities are limited to a certain periods of time, which connects with the economy, and markets fluctuation. 2019 is still a fantastic year to get your piece of the cake. Everything is still on fire and for the next year and a half we predict a good business around Marbella and Malaga, after can be too late…

So if you are thinking whether getting involved and invest your savings, our advice is YES do it, but right now! Get down here call us and take your chances. However, you need to be sure what type of business is the best one at this moment. Premium D&B advice that the new construction house price is getting really high and the time is now to buy old properties and renovate it. There it is where the business is right now.

Bye for now,

As farewell of our first blog we want to thank to all the people who is making this possible. We love to finally be connected to the world and contribute a bit to make your lives a bit better, because everything that works in life needs to be helpful for someone else.


Premium Design and Build, Building the works together…

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