Your Refurbishment in Marbella and Malaga


If you are looking for a remodeling company in Malaga, Marbella or surroundings that carries out the remodeling of your home, you have come to the right place. Premium D&B makes all kinds of reforms in the Costa del Sol, we have a large multidisciplinary team, specializing in remodeling and carrying numerous reforms both complete and partial, and most importantly, with the satisfaction of all those customers They have trusted us to carry out the reform of their home.

Our reform service is as complete as you wish, tell us your idea and we will advise you, propose and show you the multiple options to carry out the remodeling that best suits the space. Our team from Malaga and Marbella is 100% involved in each project, taking care of every detail to the maximum, thanks to this our results are of extreme quality and customer satisfaction, which is the most important, excellent.

Premium D & B will take care of all the details of the remodeling; of the design, of the management of the work, the necessary licenses, required materials and all those pertinent managements so that you only have to worry about the final result. We not only offer the most excellent results in reform, but we will also give you the peace of mind that you will get the best results.


house refurbishment


House Refurbishment


We carry out renovations in your home, whether it is a house, chalet, apartment, attic or villa. Choose Premium D & B to do the remodeling of your home and you will never regret it. Choose qualified experts.



Office Refurbishment


Revitalize your office and find the environment that most identifies with your company by making a personalized reform. We transform your space to achieve the most intelligent design and thus achieve your potential.



Commercial Refurbishment


The reform of the premises is extremely important for such a company, the end customer can perceive the values and corporate positioning. We contribute the previous ideas, the design and the technical project to the premises. Make your Business Reform with Premium D & B.


Types of Renovations we carry out


Complete Renovations


The complete renovations are our specialty, the total remodeling of your property will provide a new atmosphere and environment giving you the feeling that you are premiering your home again.
No matter the size of the property, Premium D&B is able to perform all kinds of comprehensive reforms regardless of size and always offering exceptional and unparalleled service throughout the Costa del Sol that you will not regret.
Many of our clients opt for the option “turnkey contract” a really comfortable option that enables us to take care of all the precise procedures and carry out the total remodeling of the property, sticking to a certain term and budget.


Partial Renovations


Whether your property is old, you need an urgent partial renovation or you want to substantially expand a part of the property, we can help you with your project. Tell us your idea without commitment and we will do everything in our power to carry out your requests in the best possible way. Our professionals from Malaga and Marbella will take charge of your partial reform quickly.
Partial remodeling is always an added difficulty, since the new reform must keep the style and lines of the previous one. You should not fear a situation like this, we will take care of finding the materials that best suit that previous style, maintaining the primary design and always with the absolute highest quality materials.