Project details

The Guinda Spa is an amazing spa resort located inside the 4 star hotel TRH in Mijas Pueblo. It is connected in one side to the interior of the hotel and in the other side to the garden and pool area. This spa has been constructed in an area of 200m2.

Some of the goals we have achieved within this project were: new distribution layout with higher space efficiency, new plumbing system to suit toilets, several therapy rooms and a spa with swimming pool, sauna and Turkish bath. We have designed a new electrical layout and a last generation of AC and ventilation system.

Among all dependencies belonging to this therapy complex we need to point out a new and renovated full equipped gym, a hairdresser salon, reception hall, therapy rooms, common areas and the Spa room where you can enjoy an innumerable water therapy circuit.

Our finishes, the LED distribution creating shadows and private atmosphere and simplicity with an elegant touch are part of our signature. The client requested a special Feng shui style. Energy flows through every corner and room, the positive vibration is on the air and the results are beyond expected.

We totally recommend you to visit them, enjoy a great experience and check the quality of our work.

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