Interior Design


Interior Design in Homes and Commercial


Interior design is a fundamental part in any field; house, chalet, apartment, commercial premises … you can achieve that distinction you were looking for, this task is not simple, because the interior design must perfectly capture what you want to say to others and, therefore, you should have its essence, personality or values ​​if it is a business. Each consumer has different tastes and requests, that we love, and we are willing to help and advise them all.

At Premium D & B we have the best and most experienced interior designers from Malaga and Marbella. These decorators and interior design experts will get the most out of the project, perfectly capturing everything you want to say to the rest of the world. Our works of the highest quality at the same time elegant will surprise you and give the space a sophisticated atmosphere without sacrificing functionality.


Interior Design Specialists in Malaga and Marbella


Our specialists in Malaga and Marbella, are at your disposal whenever you want, are able to address all kinds of styles to meet your needs. Do not doubt that you will obtain the best possible results with a perfect budget optimization. Count on us and you will find a team of interior designers trained, experienced and professionally able to satisfy the style you want.


Our Interior Designs Around the World


Premium D & B is currently carrying out interior design projects in Malaga and Marbella, but we also do it around the world, taking design and excellence of work wherever they need it. Our creativity and our innovative solutions in any space have made us count on the trust of different personalities and businesses in different countries. We have the collaboration of the most important international suppliers and experts.

We have experience in all types of designs ranging from modern luxury minimalism with open areas, LED effects on the interior and exterior of your home and the latest generation of domotics, to a romantic neoclassical style with wood finishes, marble columns and characteristics. All our designs focus on the concept of energy saving solution.

traditional interior design


Traditional Interior Design


  The traditional and sober style is able to give a semblance to your home like no other style can. Inspire great confidence and great credibility to your home. In addition, it will preserve the charm and longing for better times.

luxury intererior design


Luxury Interior Design


Undoubtedly, the luxury interior design is one of the styles that most demand our customers. Homes, villas, yachts … Premium D & B has printed that beauty and distinction that luxury design confers in different buildings and places in the world. Make your home a more exclusive and sophisticated place thanks to our interior designers.

modern interior design


Modern Interior Design


The modern style is more at the forefront than ever and is another of the styles that has more acceptance. Open spaces, functional and with a touch of distinction either with wood or marble can make your home look a modern style.