Feng Shui


At one point we have all heard the phrase Feng Shui; originating from China as an ancestral pseudoscience with emphasis on establishing harmonisation through the use and flow of energy between individuals and the surrounding environment.

But, why do I, and how do I incorporate Feng Shui into my everyday home?

At Premium Costa del Sol we guide our Service Users with an individualised, bespoke strategy to ensure that everyday life within your property becomes a pleasure and connects a certain “Je ne sais quo” to your quotidian life.

Our tailored strategy cannot be replicated elsewhere and once you have experienced first-hand the innovative and practical use of our Services; a deeper understanding and appreciation of how Feng Shui enhances your daily life will be obtained.


Some Interisting Facts


A Feng Shui environment requires that the front door is never be in line with any other doors or windows within the property. Moreover, all internal doors will be separated by at least 3 meters and never in line with one and other, this is the same for all bathroom doors, cabinets or walls, with a separation less than 3 meters away.

A very significant detail in the choice of the entrance door to the house or business is that it must open inwards, it is a simple element which may seem obvious but this aspect in itself invites positive energy flow through the interior of your home from the very first moment.

One “Do Not” of Feng Shui, is to never place a Staircase facing the main entrance of the home. That will divert the energy coming into the house reducing the new refreshing amount of energy flowing around the house.



The door-window relationship will define Feng Shui the value and quality of your stay. Doors and Windows allow for the flow of energy throughout the property, so must be channelled smoothly and consistently allowing for balanced and harmonised internal traversing within the property.

The style, measure, positioning and above all the arrangement of windows and doors is vital to allow the flow of energy.

Avoid aligning doors or windows together, as this will allow energy to pass through each room to quickly and will not allow enough time for the flow of energy to saturate and in turn be retained within the room.

Should doors be located next to each other, this is known in Feng Shui as “Arguing Doors”, personified by discrepancy of energies that cross them, this blocking the transfer of energy throughout the property. It is desirable to avoid this a state.

Finally, it is important to avoid this overuse of windows upon the rear of the property as this allows for the escape of energy which otherwise would have been engaged within the property. This loss of energy can never be recovered.


The Master Bedroom is one of high energetic quality, and the positioning of the bed itself is vital and must be kept as far away as possible from all possible sources of distraction and noise. This includes internal elements within the property. Thus, the rear of the property is not only the most recommend position but is highly desirable as the bed must be placed outside of the flow of energy with the head of the bed being placed at point of peace and rest.
The bedroom windows must avoid being aligned directly with the door, so as to the avoid loss of energy and flow.


The kitchen is of significant value within the science of Feng Shui, in positions itself within the ostensible “Trinidad of Feng Shui”, which encompasses the Kitchen, Bedroom and bathroom.
Never to be placed or located within reach of the front door. Allow for a significant meterage between Kitchen and Front Door. The Fireplace/Wood burner should not be visible from the front door as to do would burn the energy flow before it can saturate the internal room.
Another point to keep in mind is that the kitchen door should not be aligned or under the bathroom door (separated by floors). The two energies should never be mixed as they are incompatible and would be nullified upon connection.
The formation of a triangle between the position of the refrigerator, sink and oven will be pivotal for the flow and evolution of your Feng Shui.


The Staircase is considered an energy challenge in this ancestral art. The stairs have a variable energy inside not only the Feng but also the Bagua which must be taken into account. El Bagua represents the 8 Points of Energy that are located within the house and will be crucial for the final disposal of flow.
We avoid the positioning of stairs in the centre or “Heart” of the property where the constant variables will alter and ultimately interrupt the course of your Feng. We also avoid placing it in front of the main door, so as not to create instability and immediate dispersion of energy before saturation has arisen. Finally we will avoid stairs in the East (Health), Southwest (Love) and Southeast (Money) areas. It is believed that the staircase will let the energy leaving from this vital points.



These are storage areas from which brings stagnant energy; these are special areas that need to be taken into account in order to protect energy.

The energy will depend on the distribution of the stay and the efficiency of its use. A sufficient number of storage spaces, that give us total access without forced movements as well as a sense of order, will create a positive energy for the home.

Discover the most appropriate colour depending on the position occupied by the stay inside the Bagua of the house.


Most properties have very well designed social areas in relation to energy flow.

Open, bright and organised areas predominate. We tend to give importance to the design of our living rooms since it is the main meeting point and allows for interaction between people. This can create a unique topic as the varied expression of opinions and ideology creates and shares diverse energies all of which must find there way within the property. We put special emphasis upon all Social Areas to help you harmonise your social living environment.